WiP: Psychic Battle Squad

Work is quickly coming along on the last of the Imperial Guard army. I need it ready in time for Adepticon, which is only 31 days away! This is the most glorious time of the year- winter is on its way out and gamers everywhere are gearing up for the greatest of tabletop gaming conventions. I just get all tingly inside just thinking about it.

Work is nearly done on the PBS, a mash up between Empire Flagellants and Cadian models. I still have to finish the flesh and the bases. My intent was to make the skin very pale to reflect the psychic nature of these guys. However, with the tan clothes there just isn't enough contrast to make the skin pop out.
However, I do like the bits from Armorcast to represent the 'psychic' miasma.

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  1. Cool. Maybe a little bit of coloring as an undertone to the skin, like a little yellowish for "warp jaundice" ;-), which could tie in with the tabards or a little purplish to go with the warp flame.

  2. @SoT- that is a great idea. I'll have to sit down and try a few shading options to see what we have. The faces have been done (I'll get a picture soon) and the bases are nearly complete. But the whole thing will lack something until the skin is better. Thanks for the help!

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