Chimera's in Triplicate

This past weekend, the family went out of town leaving me some time to really get the Imperial Guard finished (or nearly finished!). However, an upper respiratory infection also took over the weekend. :(
But, having strong faith the Emperor (and sudaphed, caffeine, a huge back log of 40K podcasts),  I was able to finish three Chimeras complete with weathering techniques.

One hobby tip. I tried a new type of spray primer, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Its the Montana Gold line of colored spray paints. It was highly recommended by folks in the art community. However, its mostly used for outside work on rough textures (i.e. graffiti). On fine scale modeling it left a rough prime coat. Reading up on the internet, its what everyone complains of. However, I left the rough coat in place since it gave the Chimeras some more texture. However, if you want a colored spray primer, Army Painter is still your best bet for a smooth colored primer.

The Leman Russ turent is reclaimed LR kit from a friend that I quickly did to add to the rest of my army. The weathering techniques work very well on yellow, even better than on the green.

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