Imperial Guard: Full Army Picture

Here you go folks, finally a full army picture posed on a the mock-up display board. This is my 1850 point army ready for the main tournament at Adepticon this year. It will also get a chance to participate in the incredible team tournament on Saturday.

Expect plenty of more pictures of this army and the display board this week. I hope to have everything done long before I pack up the car to head to Chicago.

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  1. love those full army pictures. It's a lot of work to put together isn't it?

    Looks great man

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Mike- Yes it was a ton of work! The better part of the last several months painting up this army. Though, I have to say it was a fun time and I don't regret any part of the process. But as in all things, time to move on the next project. But that is hard to say what that might be right now. Definitely not another army for a couple of weeks. That is for sure!

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