Movin' to the Boyz

Here are the first couple of Orc Boyz to get my feet wet on the big guys. As much of a pain in the ass these models were to assemble, they paint very nicely. I hope the orange vests and the purple-leather skirts come as well as I envisioned them.  With all of the washes and no dull coat, the models tend to reflect a lot of light.  It will probably take awhile to get the full unit of 40 boyz done... but at least it will be fun!

Goblins are Done!

Things have been silent a bit around here for a couple of reasons.  I was waiting for a WarStore order that continue the Scenic Snow to arrive and for some new lights (from Target of course) for the light box. So in other words, I've been lazy. :)

The snow/mountain effect of the snow was fun to do, and it was the first time I've done this. Being unsure the 'best' way to proceed, I took my cues from Mr. Justine at Secret Weapon Miniatures Tutorial.

I ended up doing the 'wet snow' technique to represent the horde of orcs marching over the snow, causing it to melt a bit underneath. Making wet snow is easy- place Realistic Water and then douse with the fake snow. I put some 'fresh' snow on top, using a PVA glue/snow mix to add some variety to the consistency of the snow.