Complete Blood Angels Army

A couple of models are missing from the picture, but basically here is the Blood Angels army all done and ready to be shipped off to the owner. Everyone has been happy with the army and its progression, and I must say it was fun to do. For the record, this was the fastest that I've ever painted an army this (or) size!  Its a good thing the elite army costs so much per  model and kept my paint count down!  
It looks like another 1,500 points or so are on their way to my paint desk once Adepticon is over. Speaking of Adepticon, its less than two months away!  Later this week, I'll talk more about what I have planned. 

Blood Angels: Mephiston

Mephiston is a beast on the table, and despite not being an Independent Character (and thus can't join other units) he still a viable choice in lots of (non-competitive) lists.  Getting this model all painted up was fun, the level of detail in the metal model was fun. My friend loved the vials of the 'blood' and other stuff that Mephiston keeps. There are lots of little things like that. 

Blood Angels: Honor Guard

The best part of the Honor Guard squad is that I didn't have to paint both gold (black primer base) and wings (white primer base) on models that were already assembled. Its a bitch to live in my world sometimes (just teasing). The other great thing about the Honor Guard is the nice banner that comes sculpted in the box. The jump pack models for the Blood Angels are fun to put on my custom bases as it allows the models to be dynamic without a lot of cutting and mod'ing plastic. 
I also enjoyed playing with the 'white' purity strips and banners with a Micron pen. Its easy to make some squiggly marks and something that looks like the Inquisitor "I" to add some character to the models. It adds a nice finishing touch without taking too long to complete. 

Blood Angels: Lemartes

Lemartes provided me with an opportunity to use some new toys. The model comes with a partial base, leaving the hobbist to complete the rest of the base. I wanted the base to fit somewhat with the rest of the bases I made for the army and turned to the craft section of my local Hobby Lobby. Looking below, you can see the 'white' Liquitex Resin Sand applied to the base. At first, this is a bit of pain to get on the base. Once you get the hang of using your modeling spatular and press it into the base, it goes quickly. The best part of this textured gel is that it dries firm but flexible allowing it to be filed or sculpted to meet your needs. Once you but some primer on this, it looks great. I look forward to using some of the other Resin's for other quick effects.

The rest of Lemartes was pretty straight forward except the vents on the jump pack which are possible the worst sculpt/casting job I've ever seen. In the future I'd try using some steel wool to clean the vents better. But for now, its going to have be this way. I try to ignore it and focus on the fancy resin gel base!

If you made it this far in the post, then you get a little treat: my final production picture of the Death Company marines. These models are still my most favorite models to paint for the whole Blood Angels line. Its a shame that these troops, can't claim objectives or else I think you'd see a lot more Death Company armies (perhaps that is the point). Elite armies are always a challenge and the Blood Angels already have a capable elite list (Sanguinary Guard), so I don't think the game designers wanted to put another one in the codex. But that is just my speculation. 

Blood Angels: Captain

One of the nicest miniatures in this project is a specially converted Blood Angels Captain with twin-lightening claws. My friend absolutely loves characters with TLCs, and I must say he makes great use of the abilities. With that being said, he purchased this models already converted from ebay. It was well put together and fun to paint. I was requested to paint the model so that he can be added to the Honor Guard Squad if need be. So, more gold (yeah!), but I got to add some red (blood) on the base.

Blood Angels Assault Marines

Finally, I have images of the completed Blood Angel Assault Marines (these are for you Ron!). The final details were completed, the bases done, and the models are in the hands of their owner (who is, by the way, very happy with the models!).  In fact, he is trying to get me to do more Blood Angels for him (despite my slowness!).

Anyway, I like these models a lot. In fact, if one were to *have* to paint more models for a Blood Angels army, I'd choose these. :) Sadly, there are only 5 of the dudes to paint.

As of this writing, I am actually done with the Blood Angels and have sifted my attention fully to preparing for Adepticon. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting images of the completed Blood Angels as well as sprinkle in some of the Adepticon hobby goodness that is on my plate. 

DnD Friday

One of my gaming achievements in the past year was getting into a weekly game of DnD. Not only do I get my RPG fix in, but this group has turned out become a group of friends.  A few weeks ago, I posted a Dwarf Dark Sun character I painted up (here). Today, Traven A Shifter Ranger is nearly done.  He still needs some final detail work and the base complete, but you can get the general idea. 
Tonight he goes back into the gladiator pit in Dark Sun!

Blood Angels: Assault Marines

The Blood Angel project is a bit weird in that these are the only standard marines in the list. Here are some WiP pictures of the marines, before they got their squad markings and a few details done. 

Blood Angels: Death Company

Happy Holidays to all of my gaming friends. Its been a bit quite around here but that is because I've spent a lot of time with the family and doing non-hobby stuff. However, my project with the Blood Angels is nearly complete and my friend is very happy with the results. During the holidays we actually got a few games in, and the models look great on the table. Expect a lot of pictures in the coming week and hopefully a few army shot! Below are the Death Company and I must say that these are the best models from the new BA range. They have the proper amount of detail and the color combination looks the most sharp. I just don't want to face too many of them across the table.