IG: Psyker Battle Squad

They are done, finally. They have been sitting on my painting table for some time now, but I think they are officially done!
Thanks to the recommendations from the page and twitter- I did add some purple washes to the skin (ever so slight) and I think it helps a bit.
Overall I like the unit on the table and what I have done with them. Though using the fantasy models is a bit of stretch its the best I've come up with since GW doesn't have a good selection for an entire unit. Hopefully I there will be some viable miniatures in the future (perhaps from the resin sculpting community!).

Also you can see my custom resin models in a bit more detail. You can see the imperfections of my first casts in these models well. However, on the table top these aren't as well seen as when magnified on the computer screen. My second version resin bases were much better, just not for this army! 

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