Nurgle Blight Drones

Well it has finally begun, preparation for Adepticon 2013. Actually the prep started this past summer when I got these beautiful Nurgle models at GenCon. It's just now that I put the finishing touches on them. First off, the Blight Drones are awesome straight out of the Forge World packaging. Its only a few pieces to assemble, and anything you mess up fits in well with the chaotic nature and irregular joints of this true piece of Nurgle technology. The models were a blast to paint as well. The corroded armor on the front nicely contrasts the diseased flesh on the back. The front armor got typical airbrush techniques along with weathering powders for the corrosion. The rear mainly got a shaded basecoat and then many, many layers of washes and inks for the final color.

This past fall, Forge World surprised many of us with Imperial Armour Aeronautica. While I didn't expect to get a great boost with the Blight Drone, I was surprised to see its final points. At 125 points per model, you quickly get into land raider territory without actually getting a huge tank. The armor is thin, 12 front, and two less in the rear and only a couple of hull points. The fact that it can fly and hover is a life saver or else it would go the way of the lowly land speeder!  Its weapons are useful. but it is the Phelm Cannon that I have used the most- Large Blast AP3. Fear me loyalist marines!

So this year at Adepticon, expect to see these bad boys in the 40K Friendly event. In fact, get ready for lots of posts concerning the chosen of Nurgle!

Dark Age and Dark Heresy RPG

Its seems like there wouldn't be too much carry over between the emerging table top game Dark Age and the FFG Dark Heresy RPG. And you are right! Except many of the Dark Age models are just awesome for using in Horus Heresy or even Necromunda for that matter.
GenCon 2011 Found me looking for some good 40K RPG miniatures and Hoj from Dark Age looked simply awesome. Unfortunately, the project never went anywhere. This fall, while waiting to see what the Codex: Chaos Space Marines was going to do, I finally put paint on the model. Originally was going to get those Dark Age weapons off and replace them with chainswords and boltpistols, but I knew any converting would only serve to make the project go slower, not faster. So here he rests, just a lonely Dark Age model in my "GW collection".

The base is a Secret Weapon Miniature base that I got awhile back from them. I wanted the model to match the industrial wasteland idea the base provided. So lots of SWM weathering powers are on this guy. Oddly enough- the scruff is a black "metallic" powder very gently applied!  I had been having huge problems getting the ole' 5 o'clock shadow on human models. The typical methods left me lacking- water down regular paints, washes, stippling, etc. I tried them all and found them all lacking. However, I lucked into making this work and I think it looks great.
Of course, I pinned this model a couple of years ago... and well, never moved the pin until after I finished painting him! Oh well, but he ain't going nowhere!

++EDIT++ When I first posted this, I used "Horus Heresy" instead of "Dark Heresy."  Heh, what a blunder. But I guess that shows you all where my mind has been the last couple of weeks. If all goes well, I should start being able to show you pictures of the Horus Heresy army I am planning to build. But that is for another time.

Inquisitorial Kill Zone Henchmen

The last of the Inquisitorial Kill Zone team images are up today. Towards the end of 5th edition 40K we played a lot of Special Operations Kill Zone. The games were great fun and people who didn't ever get much gaming out of 5th edition were able to pull some old models off of the shelf and get some games in. Its good to hear that Jim has 6th edition Kill Zone in development as we are sure to play!

Before I get into the pictures, the blog is featured in Faeit 212's Blog Roll today. Thanks for the push and welcome anyone that makes this blog a regular read!  I always follow anyone who follows this blog and try to interact with them as much as possible.

Today, I have henchmen of the Inquistor's service. This was actually one of my first models when I started getting into miniature gaming. The Necromunda Goliath models are great for this. The model was stripped and repainted a few years ago, but now is added to the ranks for when I need a few extra bodies on the field! Below is an old school Acolyte sporting a club and a lasgun, you know the obvious weapons of choice in the far future of battles!  The model was one of my first Inquisitor type models and still one of my favorites.

I am busy working on Chaos Space Marine Nurgle and Death Guard (Horus Herasy Era) armies as we speak. Soon, I'll have pictures and stores to share!

Death Cult Assassins

It seems fitting to end the first week of the New Year off with some Assassins. These ladies were feared by most opponents during our Kill Zone games. The ladies come with a boatload of power weapon attacks. Of course there is some downside, low toughness and subpar armor save.  Still, once they closed with someone, it started to get interesting quick!

The models themselves were very different from the rest of the army. The lady on the left is an Infinity model, Szalamandra. Originally this was purchased for our Rogue Trader RPG. We had a female player who was looking for a cool model for her assassin. I wanted to surprise her with this model and low and behold- she found one too!  The game went on using her model instead, and Szalamandra stayed on my painting shelf.

The lady on the right was Dark Age Forsaken model. It was originally, wait for it... our Rogue Trader game. No particular person or character this time around. I bought it when the model first released seeing some potential with the model and then quickly lost it in my bin of models!  When she resurfaced, it seemed like an obvious addition to the team. Despite a few size differences, the models actually worked out well. Most players seem to like a few non-GW models thrown into the mix giving them something new to look over while playing. But mostly I just don't like the GW assassin models. That being said, these models are not perfect. The sizing is off and one obviously doesn't have a pair of power swords strapped to her waist!

Finally some top down action. She was ready to take on all the chaos scum she could find (and hold that objective). She actually made all of those rapid fire saves.... except the last one. 

Inquisitorial Henchmen

Still more Inquisitors from Adepticon 2012 Special Operations Kill Zone event to show you all. 
To be honest, the whole Inquisitorial thing started with the acolyte with an eviscerator! I mean a dude carrying a super long chainsaw that he uses to "persuade" people to his side of the Emperor's will is a super cool thing. His draw backs are huge, even in 5th edition. Being toughness 3 and initiative 1 is no way to actually survive carrying that gigantic weapon, but still it was cool. 
On the other hand, the Acolyte with the storm shield and power weapon was thrown in because (a) I had the model sitting on the shelf, and (b) toughness 3 with a 3++ adds to your survivability a lot. 

It didn't take long for me to pick the Kill Zone special rule to give these guys each a +1 toughness. It helped keep them alive a bit longer. Still, my evisterator hasn't caused a single wound!

On the painting front I tried using some new techniques when I popped these guys off of their old bases and onto these new resin Secret Weapon Miniature bases. There are some weathering powders in the rust and green ooze. Then I tried to get a little hyper realistic to make them 'pop' some. I think the effect worked well and was quick to pull off. Seeing a whole squad like this on the awesome terrain they had set up was a blast!

Lastly, an action shot from the event.  It ended sadly for the Inquistorial team!