Inquisitor of Ordos Xenos

Way back to the early spring of this year, 5th Edition was still going strong and Special Operations: Kill Zone was happening at Adepticon. After looking through my stash of spare miniatures I decided to do an Inquisitorial Kill Team after I found this Inquisitor that was perfect for the Ordos Xenos. 

The fancy gun (now with psy-bolt ammunition) was constructed out of spare Necron bits on a lark several years ago. I have no idea how I did it. Sadly there was no blogger at that time. 
The miniature was mostly painted several years ago. This was when I was following 'Eavy Metal painting guides. There was no blending and some of the transitions were awfully hard. But it was the common paint procedure for the era. 
The base was from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The old bases were bland, so new ones had to be had! The weathering was actually done with just paints, no powders this time. I was going for the hyper realistic bases to try to match the older paint job on the models. I think the combination turned out pretty good. 

I suspect that there will be Special Ops: Kill Zone happening in my gaming group soon. We are still having a lot of fun with base 6th Edition. There will always be a place for small skirmish style games. 

(Obligatory barrel shot!)