Fully Army Shots- The Imperial Guard

As soon as this post goes live, I am off to Chicago for Adepticon!!  Everything is packed and ready to go. Before the great journey goes, I'll leave you with some eye candy. The Black Jacks Company of Cadia's finest is ready for action this weekend.
If you are interested in what is going on at Adepticon or want to stop by and say hello, I'll be using Twitter. Feel free to leave me a message.

Look Ma! All done!

The Imperial Guard are all done, and ready for the Adepticon 40K tournaments this weekend. Its going to be an awesome time!!

Think I made the board big enough!  Plenty of room on there for another 1,000 points of models, that is for sure. The craters will be getting some more 'water' effects and color over night. Other than that, its all done and ready to travel to Chicago. 

Imperial Guard: Full Army Picture

Here you go folks, finally a full army picture posed on a the mock-up display board. This is my 1850 point army ready for the main tournament at Adepticon this year. It will also get a chance to participate in the incredible team tournament on Saturday.

Expect plenty of more pictures of this army and the display board this week. I hope to have everything done long before I pack up the car to head to Chicago.

Imperial Guard General

Its nearly done fellow bloggers. The Imperial Guard are done, except a few small details here and there. One of the last miniatures to get completed is the general. While I have a couple of command models from the standard GW line, this is perhaps my favorite. It was in the goodie-bag at Adepticon 2010.  Multiple Golden Demon winner Chris Borer sculpted the model and its fantastic. I just felt bad not including it in this year's Adepticon tournament.


Adepticon is closing in on us all, and my Imperial Guard army is nearly complete.
One of the last bits of the puzzle was to add a bunch more melta-gun carrying loyalist guardsmen. As I shared earlier, I didn't want 8 more of the standard melta pose. So Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a melta-gun bitz back and after a few hours of work, these guys are nearly done. The only thing left is a touch up here and there on the bases and the squad markings on the shoulder pads.

And with that, the arm is nearly complete. Just the army general to finish! After that, finish up the display base and that will wrap up the Imperial Guard army for this year's Adepticon. 
Friday's 1850pt Warhammer 40K tournament should be a great time. I don't expect to do that well in the tournament, however my experience with Adepticon last year showed that if you come with an open attitude, you'll have a blast playing against some spectacular armies and their owners. 
I leave for the suburbs of Chicago in one week!  Yikes!!

IG: Melta Guns WiP

My final Adepticon list called for 8 more Melta Guns than I already had. Seeing that there were no good models available from GW and that that the plastic bitz market didn't offer anything reasonable, I bought some metal Melta Gun kits from GW. The guns are nice, but added a bit of complexity to standard Cadian plastic models. Since the time isn't there for complex hand conversions, I made due with what I had.

In the end, the vehicle sprues helped out a ton since they have lots of non-standard IG troop arm/hand placement. Also, the cables from Dragon Forge Miniatures were ace. They are simply the best I've seen and way easier than guitar wire to use.  Also this was my first attempt to at doing more than gap filling with green stuff. The straps around the two soldiers is where the magic is happening. Its simple and I hid my errors with the cabling, but I am forging new ground all the same!

IG: Psyker Battle Squad

They are done, finally. They have been sitting on my painting table for some time now, but I think they are officially done!
Thanks to the recommendations from the page and twitter- I did add some purple washes to the skin (ever so slight) and I think it helps a bit.
Overall I like the unit on the table and what I have done with them. Though using the fantasy models is a bit of stretch its the best I've come up with since GW doesn't have a good selection for an entire unit. Hopefully I there will be some viable miniatures in the future (perhaps from the resin sculpting community!).

Also you can see my custom resin models in a bit more detail. You can see the imperfections of my first casts in these models well. However, on the table top these aren't as well seen as when magnified on the computer screen. My second version resin bases were much better, just not for this army! 

WiP: Psychic Battle Squad

Work is quickly coming along on the last of the Imperial Guard army. I need it ready in time for Adepticon, which is only 31 days away! This is the most glorious time of the year- winter is on its way out and gamers everywhere are gearing up for the greatest of tabletop gaming conventions. I just get all tingly inside just thinking about it.

Work is nearly done on the PBS, a mash up between Empire Flagellants and Cadian models. I still have to finish the flesh and the bases. My intent was to make the skin very pale to reflect the psychic nature of these guys. However, with the tan clothes there just isn't enough contrast to make the skin pop out.
However, I do like the bits from Armorcast to represent the 'psychic' miasma.