Adepticon is closing in on us all, and my Imperial Guard army is nearly complete.
One of the last bits of the puzzle was to add a bunch more melta-gun carrying loyalist guardsmen. As I shared earlier, I didn't want 8 more of the standard melta pose. So Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a melta-gun bitz back and after a few hours of work, these guys are nearly done. The only thing left is a touch up here and there on the bases and the squad markings on the shoulder pads.

And with that, the arm is nearly complete. Just the army general to finish! After that, finish up the display base and that will wrap up the Imperial Guard army for this year's Adepticon. 
Friday's 1850pt Warhammer 40K tournament should be a great time. I don't expect to do that well in the tournament, however my experience with Adepticon last year showed that if you come with an open attitude, you'll have a blast playing against some spectacular armies and their owners. 
I leave for the suburbs of Chicago in one week!  Yikes!!

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  1. Great. work. They look great and, having used similar u know how useful they can be. Good luck at the tourny.

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