Big Units in Fantasy

That sounds like some odd porn title. but its not what I wanted to talk about today!
One of the issues I battled with this Orc army is how to keep track of all of the boys in the unit. Enter the simple and effective solution.
I picked up some customizable printer labels that you can peel off (here) for another project. For this, you simply cut down the label and put them on the underside of the base. Now you know where the guy goes and change the order over time (like for instance if GW changes the rules on you!).
Initially I used a Sharpie but it was hard to see (unless you have the super cool Silver Sharpie) and its hard to change.

There you go. Your simple tip of the day. 

Orc Boy Champion

A couple of days ago, I showed the completed unit. But today I wanted to share the unit champion in detail. While the standard troopers can get a bit repetitive over a short time, the unit leaders and the characters are nothing short of awesome.

The base is cork board with snow effects. Simple, effective. The rust effect is from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The 'dust' was added to water and applied like a regular thinned paint. 

Orc Boys, Complete!

It seems like eons ago that I started this unit, but they are done! Painting 40 Boys is no laughing matter, let me tell you. But it was great fun painting up all of these orcs. While I generally still hate a few things about the kit, it is an improvement over the prior versions of the main orc foot troops. The biggest issue is that the models are generally too big for their bases and when you trying to squeeze 40 of them into a unit, you have to get a bit creative in how you place them on the bases, and even what arms you use.
Anyway, I am happy how these guys have turned out.  I know that Pappa JJ will be happy as well, or I'll stab him in the eye with all of these spears!

Here is the unit, assembled, and ready for paint.

And here they are, all covered with paint (minus that banner thing). 

Don't worry. I'm not done yet... there is a rather large stack of boys still in my basement!