Sanguinary Guard are Done

As the Blood Angels army that I am doing for a friend nears an end, I wanted to share with everyone the completed Sanguinary Guard. WiP models have been posted earlier, but finally all 18 models are done- complete with custom made resin bases for the army. The owner also converted Sanguinary Priest using the Apothocary bits from the command squad box.

As scary as these models are, this the only tank busting ability in the army, two melta guns, one plasma gun. So hide in your metal boxes people if you play against them... because once they get their chops on you it will be all over with those power weapons.

I painted the bases with a blue hued stone to help tie in the blue from the power weapons with a sharp black border.

All of the models are pinned to the resin bases in hopes they will stay attached. These bases are a bit 'rocky' by design and the pose of the models are definitely dynamic.

Blood Angels: Dante

 I was hoping to talk today about a tournament over the weekend with my Imperial Guard, but at the last minute things fell apart and I couldn't make it. :(  Instead I continued to work in the Blood Angles... and play WoW. Let me tell you WoW is of the devil.  The sweet and lovely devil!

Here is Dante- a converted version that was handed to me to paint. Not caring much for the original metal version, my friend constructed one out of plastic. He goes with the rest of the Sanguinary guard very well and was fun to pain. In the games we've played with him, he is a bit of a mystery. He had moderate durability and kill-ability. His ability not to deviate on deep strike is awesome and is probably what makes him pure gold in a  deep striking army.

Blood Angels: Honor Guard

Finally, I am nearly done painting little gold armored guys!  At least there are no white wings to work around. The Honor Guard came together pretty quickly as my gold armor it getting faster with all of the work it is getting. :) 
You can also see my custom made resin bases that I made for the army. I'll show off more of then later on, but we like how they came out. Making resin bases is pretty easy (even I can do it) and it ties the army together very nicely. Since the models are in dynamic poses everyone is pinned on the bases.  The camera angle makes one dude look like he is falling over, but he doesn't have that look on the table. 
There are 5 different bases and once you spin them around a bit each one looks a bit unique. 

The banner is the last piece to finish for this squad and needs to really stand out... I hope that I am up for the task!

WIP: Psychic Battle Squad

One of the coolest units in the new Imperial Guard codex is the Psychic Battle Squad. The variable AP template is cool and all, but Weaken Resolve is where the money is. A near automatic Ld reduction coupled with the shooting power of the Imperial Guard can threaten any unit in the game that doesn't have fearless. I say nearly, because as my last few games have showed me- I can't roll a psychic power test for crap! Still, I love the PBS (the station and the squad).

Since there are no official models for the PBS we are left to conversions and luckily for us there are lots of options. One of the most popular are generic guardsmen with Empire Flagellant bits. Its a simple, yet elegant solution. At Adepticon this year I talked with several people who used  Armorcast scenic effect bits to add some flare to their conversions. 

I plan to paint the scenic effects an ectoplasmic green or blue to represent them firing Weaken Resolve. Their uniforms/robes will be muted browns or grays in attempt to give them a more unnatural feel. These are the first ten. My full army plan is to have two full units... 


The new Manticore/Deathstrike kit from GW is another of the very nice kits for the Imperial Guard line. However, I have one complaint. You can only make one missile from the kit. There is no way you can magnetize the missiles, ugh. But other than that, the Manticore kit is very slick.

The front 'radio' dish needs to be completed, but the rest of the model is done. The only other thing I need to do is to find some scatter dice that actually role 'hit' so that my missiles are more accurate!