Adepticon: Horus Heresy Betrayal Tournament

The first day of Adepticon this year was also when the first Adepticon Horus Heresy event was held. Due to the weather delays I know a few people who wanted to play were not able, but still we had about 12 players.

This awesome Death Guard army belongs to Ty F. He ended up winning the event.

Next, we had the ringers army. It was a beautiful World Eater's army painted by Battleworthy Arts. What was funny is that we were looking at this army on Ebay on the drive up to Chicago. 

This army ended up being Horus' champion. 

I didn't catch this lads name, however he had an excellent World Eater's army. 

Finally, here are a couple of pictures from my Death Guard army. It was a fun, furious five weeks of painting and getting the army ready. The army played well, and I loved running Space Marine Tactical squads twenty strong!

Adepticon 2013

Another trip to Chicago is in the books and we had a great time! Despite the bad weather at the start of the convention things went very well. For those that didn't know, there was widespread flooding around Chicago. It caused numerous travel delays for out of town attendees and I head more than one horror story from locals trying to balance playing Adepticon and getting several feet of water of their basements.
No matter what mother nature threw at the folks at Adepticon, they threw a great con and I want to thank them for that. The swag bag again was full of great things. Some new cool miniatures to play around with as well as plenty of things to read and explore.

This model from Victoria Miniatures is definitely going into my Chaos Space Marine army.  Those cultist are going to need a new boss to lead them around the battle field. 

This year is also the year that I got my first major award- The Emperor's Champion in the Horus Heresy Betrayal tournament! So how about that!?!  I think it deserves a free re-roll once per game.
I have plenty of more pictures to share from Adepticon including my Horus Heresy Death Guard, some Nurgle Space Marines, and some Team Tournament love. But first it is time to get some sleep, because didn't have much in Chicago!