IG: Melta Guns WiP

My final Adepticon list called for 8 more Melta Guns than I already had. Seeing that there were no good models available from GW and that that the plastic bitz market didn't offer anything reasonable, I bought some metal Melta Gun kits from GW. The guns are nice, but added a bit of complexity to standard Cadian plastic models. Since the time isn't there for complex hand conversions, I made due with what I had.

In the end, the vehicle sprues helped out a ton since they have lots of non-standard IG troop arm/hand placement. Also, the cables from Dragon Forge Miniatures were ace. They are simply the best I've seen and way easier than guitar wire to use.  Also this was my first attempt to at doing more than gap filling with green stuff. The straps around the two soldiers is where the magic is happening. Its simple and I hid my errors with the cabling, but I am forging new ground all the same!

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