Fully Army Shots- The Imperial Guard

As soon as this post goes live, I am off to Chicago for Adepticon!!  Everything is packed and ready to go. Before the great journey goes, I'll leave you with some eye candy. The Black Jacks Company of Cadia's finest is ready for action this weekend.
If you are interested in what is going on at Adepticon or want to stop by and say hello, I'll be using Twitter. Feel free to leave me a message.

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  1. Looks good!! Can't wait to hear how they do! Good luck!

  2. That is one fine looking Army.

  3. @BB Thanks! They did well for themselves. I'll post more results up later today.

    @C.Dave- Thank you sir. I am quite happy how everything turned out.

  4. Beautiful guard you have there! Great Job!

  5. @DimmyK- thanks dude!

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