Valkyrie "Metallica"- Nearly Done

When I last left you all, we had applied the oil based paints for the first step of the weathering effects. I let that dry over night and then applied weathering pigments. Using the Earth and Mud set from SWM, I went to town. In the past, I would have applied a spray matte coat before using the pigments. However, this time I hoped that oil paint would help the pigments to stick better, and I was right. There much less pigment "blowing" off the model this time around. You have to be a bit careful with the pigment in the oil paint since the pigment will absorb a small amount, changing the color.

There are still a few detail pieces left to do as well as magnetize the wings for various Forge World Weapon options. The base also needs some work, and that will happen this week.

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  1. Wooo, ride the Lightning! Metallica rules!!!! :)

    Seriously awesome work, DrG. Interesting that you used the oil paint to help fix the pigments to your model, I'd be too scared of ruining things to experiment like that. The results however look great. I'm psyched to see this one in person at Adepticon.

  2. Thanks man.
    Working with all of this stuff isn't that big of a deal. When/if you make a mistake it comes off easily. Plus, if you screw up, its weathering. Just say its supposed to be that way! :)

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