Blood Angels: Baal Predator

Here she is, the last of the Blood Angels project. It wasn't finished in time for the complete army picture you saw last week, but its done none the less. This model turned out really nice. There could have been more time dedicated to shadowing and damage and dust, but this was done on a bit of a deadline. As it is, it looks great on the table.

I tried a new way to do metal/silver- base coat of black and then applied graphite shavings with my finger. It gives it a very unique and realistic look. Its very muted, unlike the usual silver effects you usually see. This in particular was Metallic Iron from Secret Weapon Miniatures

The Mettalic Iron was used again to start the weathering effect on the bottom of the tank. 

Painted on weathered paint chips are a great way to break up the large flat areas on your tank. Start with dabbing flat black in a random pattern, near areas of wear and tear or areas you think shells/bolts/lasers will will the hull. Paint the inside with Boltgun Silver, leaving some black on the edges. 

Lastly, on a sad note- the army was sent off already on EBay to the 'highest bidder.'  I am a bit sad that I wont be able to play against/with this army anymore. But I understand why my friend decided to sell the models. But don't fear, I've already been contacted to paint another army and I have more than enough to do for Adepticon. Expect to see more from project Imperial Guard!

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  1. Now that is one fine looking tank... nice! That is too bad about the army getting sold off but I understand that's a bad investment of money if you're not too excited about the game anymore. Good thing I've got plans to keep you busy once you're done getting ready for Adepticon, it's going to be quite different from Blood Angels. Sort of a different aesthetic... (hehehe). I'm mailing out the package tomorrow and I really mean it this time. Hope you're doing well, buddy!

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