The Imperial Guard March

Since the completion of the Blood Angels project, I've dove right back into the Imperial Guard. They need to be finished and in fighting shape in time for Adepticon this year. While I expect to see lots of other IG armies, particularly with mech-heavy armies I hope to be able to stand out in some way. How is that?  Not so sure at the moment! :)

Actually, I plan to use a 'bubble wrap squad' to protect my heavy tanks. This is a common tactic of surrounding your tanks with infantry to give them a line of protection from scouts, infiltrators, and other charging what-nots. The IG get the advantage of having a Commissar that confers Stubborn to the unit, of 30 strong warriors.

So here is the start of all of those models, using the "Army Painter" method. I did an Adeptus Administratum Tutorial awhile back, here.

The guys have gotten their base coat, the shading and are ready for the decals, matte seal, and some touch up work. I've learned over time that the skin needs to be done separately but other than that, the models are nearly done.

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