Complete Blood Angels Army

A couple of models are missing from the picture, but basically here is the Blood Angels army all done and ready to be shipped off to the owner. Everyone has been happy with the army and its progression, and I must say it was fun to do. For the record, this was the fastest that I've ever painted an army this (or) size!  Its a good thing the elite army costs so much per  model and kept my paint count down!  
It looks like another 1,500 points or so are on their way to my paint desk once Adepticon is over. Speaking of Adepticon, its less than two months away!  Later this week, I'll talk more about what I have planned. 

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  1. Awesome work, Gabe! It's great to see all of them together, I'm sure your client is going to be psyched to start playing games with his new army. So there's going to be more Blood Angels in your future? Wow... do you know yet what all you'll be working on?

    Adepticon's getting closer all the time, I hope preparations for it are going alright for you. I'm excited to find out what you have in mind for the con. FYI - for the 40k stuff I've decided to bring my old chaos guys rather than paint anything new. Look out, man... I think they've got a score to settle with you.

  2. JJ- I'll take your thinly veiled threats as a challenge! Consider yourself challenged sir.
    My preparation for Adepticon is in full swing right now. My IG army is in its final stages of painting and prep for the big 40k tournament. Who knows what I'll do for combat patrol. Its only 400 points, so no telling, eh? :)

    Bad news though. I just found out my friend is selling all of the Blood Angels I did! Apparently he is experiencing some burn out and is stepping out of the hobby for a bit. I wish him the best. Now, I need to find another 'client.'

  3. What? That's too bad. Has he sold them already? If not put me in touch with him, I'll snatch 'em up.

  4. They were sold on EBay. Unfortunately, its already over and I don't have a link.
    I'll contact you privatively and let you know the details.

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