DnD Friday

One of my gaming achievements in the past year was getting into a weekly game of DnD. Not only do I get my RPG fix in, but this group has turned out become a group of friends.  A few weeks ago, I posted a Dwarf Dark Sun character I painted up (here). Today, Traven A Shifter Ranger is nearly done.  He still needs some final detail work and the base complete, but you can get the general idea. 
Tonight he goes back into the gladiator pit in Dark Sun!

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  1. Cool looking mini, I'm jealous you're gaming again. Have fun, I hope you aren't killed tonight! (I remember Dark Sun being a fairly dangerous setting, is that still the case?)

  2. Lol... I was one dice roll away from death! And I was about to say the Dark Sun in 4th Edition is not nearly as deadly as previous editions. And so Friday night we had on death (our monk) and one very close one (me).

    Though, I misjudged one small thing and it nearly ended up killing me. Remember guys, Attack of Opportunity suck big time! Especially since it was against a Blood Worm. However, in my defense it my plan had worked it would have been totally awesome.

    Anyway, I encourage you all to get into a weekly gaming group. My gaming life couldn't be better right now. :)

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