Blood Angels: Lemartes

Lemartes provided me with an opportunity to use some new toys. The model comes with a partial base, leaving the hobbist to complete the rest of the base. I wanted the base to fit somewhat with the rest of the bases I made for the army and turned to the craft section of my local Hobby Lobby. Looking below, you can see the 'white' Liquitex Resin Sand applied to the base. At first, this is a bit of pain to get on the base. Once you get the hang of using your modeling spatular and press it into the base, it goes quickly. The best part of this textured gel is that it dries firm but flexible allowing it to be filed or sculpted to meet your needs. Once you but some primer on this, it looks great. I look forward to using some of the other Resin's for other quick effects.

The rest of Lemartes was pretty straight forward except the vents on the jump pack which are possible the worst sculpt/casting job I've ever seen. In the future I'd try using some steel wool to clean the vents better. But for now, its going to have be this way. I try to ignore it and focus on the fancy resin gel base!

If you made it this far in the post, then you get a little treat: my final production picture of the Death Company marines. These models are still my most favorite models to paint for the whole Blood Angels line. Its a shame that these troops, can't claim objectives or else I think you'd see a lot more Death Company armies (perhaps that is the point). Elite armies are always a challenge and the Blood Angels already have a capable elite list (Sanguinary Guard), so I don't think the game designers wanted to put another one in the codex. But that is just my speculation. 

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  1. That resin sand goo does look nice, I tried out some resin pumice stuff from vallejo that was probably fairly similar. I thought it was neat but I never got the hang of how to apply it properly. Nice work on Lemartes and those Death Company guys, too. I think those are some of the coolest space marine models available.

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