Blood Angels: Honor Guard

The best part of the Honor Guard squad is that I didn't have to paint both gold (black primer base) and wings (white primer base) on models that were already assembled. Its a bitch to live in my world sometimes (just teasing). The other great thing about the Honor Guard is the nice banner that comes sculpted in the box. The jump pack models for the Blood Angels are fun to put on my custom bases as it allows the models to be dynamic without a lot of cutting and mod'ing plastic. 
I also enjoyed playing with the 'white' purity strips and banners with a Micron pen. Its easy to make some squiggly marks and something that looks like the Inquisitor "I" to add some character to the models. It adds a nice finishing touch without taking too long to complete. 

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  1. Really nice work, DrG. I love the new banners with sculpted details, that one in particular looks fantastic. So much nicer than when we would make our own out of paper. I was looking at some old fantasy minis of mine the other day and even found one with a banner I'd cut out of an White Dwarf!

    Enough nostalgia, though. It looks like you're getting better each time with the power weapon effect... very cool! Great looking Honor Guard, good work on 'em Doc. Do you know if your client is bringing these to AdeptiCon cause I'd love to see them in person. Hmm, now I don't even remember if you said you're bringing a group of people with you or not this year. I know the team tournament thing didn't work out though.

  2. The new banners are definitely awesome. The only problem being that everyone's company banner looks the same. But its a small price to pay for such an awesome sculpt. I've also used some of the cut out banners a bit, with good effect if you 'paint' over it. :)

    Thanks for the positive comments on the power weapons. Doing more and more and more helps get the hang of it. They look great on the table as well.

    I don't think my friend is coming to Adepticon this year. but we will see in the next couple of weeks. There is a rumor afoot that he is selling the army!

    This year, it will likely be a small group from the STL coming with me. But we shall see as the event looms closer. But I can't wait- Adepticon has quickly become one my fav events! Right there with GenCon!

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