Completed: Chimeras

The Cadian Guard regiment of the Black Jacks now have two new dust covered chimeras to ride around the battlefield. The first is of course the older chimera set and the second is the newer. Of course the older version comes with a great add-on kit that adds character to the transport. The new one is ok. Of course the tracks are much easier to assemble, but thats it.

One thing you my notice is that the right turret decal started to flake off. Strangely it did it on both tanks. At the moment, I am going to leave it there and let it fall off once it gets some game time. Then we can also go back and re-weather that section of the turret.

Again I heavily weathered these transports- and loved the heck out of it. First was oil washing techniques I've talked about before and then weathering pigments from Secret Weapon. This time I managed to seal the tank without blowing all the pigments off!

On the painting table is still a Manticor and a Psychic Battle Squad- full of conversions. 

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  1. I agree, taking out the accessory sprue from the new kits was lame. (Can you still order it separately?) The tanks look great, glad to see the pigments stayed in place this time. Which Secret Weapon pigments did you use? I ordered a couple of MIG jars from CoolMiniOrNot but they opened up in the mail and got all mixed together. I think I might like to give SWM a try. The results you've gotten have been very nice.

  2. Yes, you can buy the IG Tank Upgrade Sprue, for $15! HAHA... I think they have sold two, and one of them was drunk when he bought it!

    Yeah, when I went to seal them with pigment- I laid a big line of tape on the garage floor and said "You shall not pass!" while the matte spray was applied. It worked pretty well, and no Balrog came and ate me.

    I got the Earth and Mud pigment set:
    Although, I'd recommend the 'Whole Earth" if you were to get some. You want lots of colors in order to get the subtle colors to stand out on the tanks.

  3. Great stuff, DrGabe!

    - D.

  4. Congrats on making the top ten, DrGabe! Woo!!

  5. Looks great! If you're having trouble with the decals, I find it helps to coat the area with some gloss varnish to give a smooth surface for the decal to stick to. Apply the decal (use some decal solvent such as Micro-Sol to get the decal to apply to curved surfaces without crinkling) and once dry, cover again with gloss varnish. This will seal it in and stop it from flaking off.

    The weathering has come out great though!

  6. @ Dex- Thanks!

    @JJ- Whowhoo! I probably need to put a notch in my belt in order to track the honors. j/k! :)

    @F-D You are completely right and thanks for the tips. For some reason (probably being lazy) I just skipped a few steps this time, and you can see the result. I used some Micro-sol/set but didn't do the varnish. So apparently that is a big step that you normally don't want to skip.

  7. Looks great, the SW pigments really make life easy don't they. Try the metallic iron on the tracks. That an exhaust black are two more of the really easy to find uses for pigments.

  8. @ Marcus- Thanks. My next order from SWM will have to feature some of the Exhaust Black as well as other pigments. FYI- I do use Metallic Iron the tracks, weapons, and anywhere metal is present. In fact, I use it a lot. The areas in question get a coat of Boltgun Metal (tracks were just primed black), then I go to town with the MI. Tons more fun than painting, washing, highlighting, etc! :)

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