Its Good to be an Ultramarine Player!

Its never been a better time to be sporting Ultramarine Blue. The Ultramarine movie is ready to launch in a few weeks and collectors edition is up for pre-order. Also, GW has posted some very cool UM models painted be fellow blogger Stahly from Germany. I have been a big fan of his blog for a few months now.  His blog has been on my blog roll for some time now, and even though he is painting Eldar I stop by everyday to check out what this young man is producing.

Image: Stahly and
Games-Workshop has also been blessing us with lots of Ultramarine love in their daily blog last week, including these awesome Sternguard models. Gotta love the Sternguard!


And of course the picture that makes me melt with pride and joy, is the 20,000 point UM army below. Perhaps one day I can own such an awesome amount of models!

Another GW image
 Well that is more than enough blue for most of you today, any more and I run the risk of having everyone starting an Ultramarine Army. 

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  1. That's really cool that Stahly's army was featured on the GW website, his work is fantastic. Enjoy your time in the sun, Ultraboys. It won't last forever....

  2. Jealousy... it wont get you far in life friend. Not far at all. :)

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