Dark Eldar First Look, Part II

For the past week, we have all been watching the official release of the Dark Eldar on the site. I think the internet community needs to give GW some props with the coverage the have been giving the Dark Eldar miniature release. Being able to hear what the miniature designers have to say about the design process and seeing the artwork and early tech designs is awesome. It really gets my nerd engines rev'ing!

Ok, enough of that. I was a bit bearish in the troop models, but that is because I knew there was some awesomeness coming with the vehicles. Lets start with the model I had the biggest hopes for, the raider. Now I know that people are worried about an AV 10 open topped vehicle, but damn these things are some looking. Jes and the boys kept the space pirate image from the prior edition and turned up the volume to 11. I love all of it: the big sails, the guys riding on the side ready to jump off at any moment, and the forward gunner... all great.

Next, the Reavers. I love the 'racing' helmets and gives these guys a good MadMax feel to them. These are sleek rides that according to the early rumors will be covering 40K tables in the next year. Just one thing about them, if you read the text these are based off the 'new' Eldar jetbikes. No wonder they look so similar to the rumored images from a couple of years ago. 

Lastly the Hellions. In their first edition, the models were a joke. All metal and looked dumb on the table. Sorry, but nothing looked realistic about them. The design team was understandably limited with the tech of the time, and now those limitations have been removed. These models have surprised me the most with the realistic motion poses and the dead 'ard pirate look to the riders. Seriously, these guys give me the creeps just looking at them. I think a lot of credit needs to go to Jes and his team for making the Dark Eldar look like Space Elf Pirates- close enough to the Eldar that you recognize their past, but with enough modern goth pieces to make them look distinct and know that evil is coming on the horizon. 

Its official, I can't wait for the DE to arrive!

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  1. Yeah, this DE stuff looks sick. The GW design guys did a great job revamping the goofier elements from the previous version and made them actually creepy and mean looking. I'm really digging all of the wych gladiator themed parts of this line of miniatures. I still think the Raider is the best of the bunch though. All cool stuff, I'm psyched to see what's inside the Codex.

  2. Yeah everyone that I have talked with wants lots of the Raiders with Witches and the Reaver Jet Bikes. I have a felling that there will be lots of Blood Angels for sale on the market soon! :)

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