WIP: Blood Angel Death Company

The Death Company squad for the commission army that I am painting is nearly done. All that is left is a few detail pieces and another wash for the metal. These models are really nice- full of detail and capture the spirit of the Blood Angles very well. In fact, I like these models much more than the Sanguinary Guard, who lack a lot of detail on the those models. There is a lot of plain gold on those models, which is just a pain.

Here are the Sanguinary Guard that I have painted at the moment. There are another 4 that I have started on to bring the total up to 19! I thought I was done with painting gold, until I realized that there is an honor guard squad as well!  More gold!!  At least they don't have big white wings as well. :)  

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  1. need to clean up your Diorama..they all appear to have gum on their shoes.. :P Excellent work man! I envy your ability to paint smooth white.

  2. Looking very good, Dr.G... but after this will you ever be willing to paint gold again? I really like how the Death Company guys are turning out, too. How much is left for you to paint once you've finished them and the Sanguinary and Honor guards?

  3. Hexeter- white has become kinda easy. I started with a grey foundation paint and then several layers of white. Just move in the same direction with every brush stroke, and do it a lot! Foundation paint is the key to painting white over black.

    JJ- Thanks, but I don't think I'll ever paint an army that wants a total metal paint scheme again (I am looking at you Necrons!). 10 Troops plus two characters and one tank. So almost done! Only 5 of those models are solid gold.

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