Rogue Trader the RPG

One of the last single models that I have been working on before my next army project has been a  Dark Age Forsaken WarWind model that I got last year at GenCon. Since we will have some females (and female PCs) in our forthcoming Dark Heresy/ Rogue Trader campaigns, it seemed natural to have some female models.
First off, the Dark Age miniatures are incredible and I plan to get more of them in the future. While the game hasn't captured my attention, their sculptors and painters certainly have. There is so much detail on these models, you can spent a lifetime bringing them all out. However, as I needed to move onto more projects and I only needed to get this table top presentation... I had to move on.

Again, the base is a free resin base from Dragon Forge Design from Adepticon 2010. Jeff does a wonderful job with this resin bases and I hope to use a lot more of them in the future.

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  1. Hey, that is a really cool miniature and nice painting, too! I like the use of the resin base... well done!

  2. I think that custom resin bases are the way to go these days, particularly for 'special' miniatures like this. Its hard to beat the visual appearance and the low cost.
    Thanks dude.

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