Adepticon: Rick Taylor

One of the things I appreciate about Adepticon is that everyone there loves the hobby of wargaming and is more than happy to talk about it to anyone who wants a conversation. There is simply not any pretentious behavior amongst anyone.  One of the coolest conversations that I had was with a very talented painter  Rick Taylor. He did take home best sci-fi miniature with his wonderful Lord Tiberius (see below). Whats interesting is that he used oil paints over acrylic. Rick has a lot of experience with 2D painting and military painting as well as competitions.

Mr. Taylor was gracious and spent some time with me on Friday and Sunday talking technique, future projects, and the work of the other artist (of which he was very complementary). In short, he had a wonderful geek-out time with each other. To me, this is what Adepticon is all about.

On Lord Tiberius, its a Kabuki Miniature done in oil based paints. The faces on the back are all hand painted (although they look so impressive they almost look 'stuck' on).  After a small outcry, the miniature was put on a rotating base to see all the details on the front and back.  It got my vote for best in show.

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