Cato the Blonde: DnD4E

My local DnD campaign is in the middle of a Harpers campaign. My character, needed a face lift and the Pathfinder Low Templar from Reaper Miniatures  came to the rescue!  At first I had my reservations about the model but after putting the finishing touches on it, I'm rather happy with the model and the result.

Once again, I tried my hand at NMM and I'm not too happy with the 'silver' result. As I've pointed out through the week, I've given NMM a fair shake and other than some success with gold, I think its time to move to more 'modern' techniques. :)

The base is a free base from Dragon Forge  given out at Adepticon 2010. It is a great promotional base and I plan to purchase more from DF in the future.

Below is Cato's character background, obviously a spin off of the great Kato Kaelin.  :)

Cato the Blonde.
Known as an oaf to some and a moucher by many, Cato the Blonde is well known but seldom adored on the Dragon Coast. Most are likely to point and joke at the strapping blonde haired brute, but hang on his coat tails since (for reasons not clear to many), he is nearly always invited to the best parties in the merhcant and nobel ranks in the large cities. When it comes to a party, the standoff-ish man is always around- sometimes to provide protection and other times just to drink and mingle among the elite.
What is not widely known is that Cato's connections with the Dragon Coast elite is due to his membership with the secretive Harper's group. He is the operation's connections to the wealthy and upper class, particularly in Westport. However, a recent scandle has rocked the wealthy mechants district and has further soured his name. Cato was recently living with a noted entertainer in his Westport villa when a grizzly murder rocked the neighborhood. Accusations of a mistress and a bloody blade have been croned about loudly by the people in the area. Cato, being the only witness has escaped the Watch's notice and his whereabouts are currently unknown

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  1. Its a great model - I have it as well sitting on my shelves of shame.

    I really like wat you have done with it too - although I agree, NMM is a hard one to crack although most generally seem able to master Gold pretty well. I stick t standard techniques - I mean they make metallic colours for a reason right? (Ha)

    Jeffs bases are pretty sweet - I have a whole bucnh of different ones I use for special models or squads.

    Good effort all round mate.

  2. Thank Rogue P. My thought is that NMM was necessary during a time when metallic flakes were not available (at least cheaply). Once I get rid of my AC, running water, and pizza delivery- I'll start to use shades of gray for my silver! In fact, I am thinking about redoing the the 'silver' parts with real silver before he hits the table for some RPG good ness.

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