Adepticon Wrap Up

Monday morning suck, but they are much better after a great weekend in the suburbs of Chicago at Adepticon. It was another great year. I'll leave the big mega-blogs to help cover all the big news and pictures, while I give you an over view of the weekend from my prospective.

First off, it was great hanging out with friends- old and new. The hotel was once again wonderful and the Adepticon crew did an awesome job running the show. Forge World made a huge impact on most people, even showing off the cool new resin bits. The line was gleefully short on Sunday and free shipping means I'll get my stuff sooner or later.

The tournament weekend went well for me, as my objectives were well met. Friday's 40K Championships was an incredibly cool experience. With over 240 players, the tournament was full of excitement, great players, and wonderful armies. Saturday's Team Tournament was what I had some to expect. Our last minute team put up a good effort and we all had fun playing during the day. We finished off the day playing against some local St Louis folks! Sunday was spent doing some hobby seminars (Todd Swanson is a great teacher) and wondering around the gaming halls taking the last little bit of hobby goodness.

So how did I do?  My painting got near top scores in the two tournaments. Something that I am most proud of. The only marks against were my limited conversions in the Championships. The Team Tournament scoring was a bit harder to determine, but we scored very well.

I am also proud of perfect sportsmanship scores through the weekend (well nearly perfect, one opponent apologized after the sheets were turned in that he circled the wrong score and the judges wouldn't let him change the score).   Needless to say, I consider these events an escape from my daily responsibilities. No need to be thought has an ass while playing with little toy soldiers.

Lastly (and least important to me, the hobby gamer) my battle scores were good on Friday 20 out of 40 and dismal on Saturday. Winning one game of four and way to drunk to remember any of the scores. Maybe that was why the sportsmanship was so good?

At either rate, I finished 59 out of 246 (or so) in the 40K Championships, which is great for me considering it was my first singles tournament in well over a year! The Team Tournament saw us land on the last page. But again, we never had a chance to play test and wasn't sure who was going to show up.

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  1. pleasure meeting you this weekend. Brian.

  2. Brian it was great to meet you as well. I hope that next time we'll have more time to hang out.

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