Rogue Trader: RPG

Before leaving for GenCon, I had one last member of the Rogue Trader crew to complete: Arch-Militant Dekko. This former Imperial Guardsmen is heavily trained in the art of close combat, particularly with twin chainswords!
He ended up being a great character on the table, and the gentleman who played him really got into the spirit of charging forward and letting flesh fly!  However, he had the worst luck I've ever seen during a four-hour game. No matter then number of re-rolls, he couldn't kill a thing!!  Everyone else in the party got at least one kill shot, except the man trained since birth to kill!  It was awesome... everyone at the table had a great laugh every time Dekko rolled the dice.
The head was a simple swap with some plastic kelt models that appeared in my swag bag from Adepticon.

I don't know how or if he will ever see the 40K table as an Imperial Guardsmen. Perhaps a stand-in for one of the named characters in a friendly game.

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  1. The head swap really seems appropriate actually Doc...nicely done =)

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