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Well after a long summer of vacations, family illnesses, and well GenCon... this site will soon return to what it once was- a painting blog. Its funny how the seasons of life also carry over into my hobby time. The summer, it seems, is often set aside for board and role play gaming, while the rest of the year is dominated by miniature gaming. But anyway, the Commisar says back to work!

Imperial Commisar

GenCon was a blast and while I didn't update my blog as often as I wished, I had a few twitter updates to keep up with the action. In all, I played 30+ hours of games in a mere four days, and it was wonderful.  Sadly, I was too busy gaming to get much detailed information on any of the miniature events at GenCon. However, I did get a chance to play with the Malifaux terra-clips. And well, my final take on the project is that they need some time to get their material just right. Its just too early to tell how helpful this product will be. The biggest issue I see is that while its reasonably priced, I can get detailed plastic pieces from GW for about the same price... considering that most of the terra-clips is 'ground' with some elevations spread about the footprint. However, for the gamer that is just starting out collecting terrain it looks to be a great alternative to the GW plastic.

Mantic games is going to be a force for at least the next few years. I love their models for the fantasy line. The sprue of ghouls they gave out at Adepticon were pure magic. Furthermore, they are positioning themselves as an alternative miniature supplier for GW games, at about half the price. Its going to be interesting how both companies respond to each other over the course of the next year. And as I doubt that few people reading this blog play in 'Citadel' model only events, it will be interesting to see how many Mantic armies we see on the WFB battlefield this next year.
You have probably heard- but Mantic Games does have Alessio writing their core rules for them, and they will be free (ala the Confrontation mini-rule book).  It will be available online and in their blisters this fall. Don't expect to see their product to heavily in stores, as skipping the end retailer drives up the price... and they want to keep that price point as low as possible. I wonder how many manufacturers will start to consider this as a business model (the internet is pretty powerful you know!).

Lastly, my gamer nutrition was a success. In fact, after finishing my gruelling 15 hour day of gaming, I hit the Tower of Gygax to relive some awesome first gen DnD memories. I died about 10 mins in to a Save versus Death roll. I rolled a '4'. I needed a '6' or better. Oh well. :)

You can view my Gencon/Cosplay pictures here.

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