It's GenCon time!

As I type this, I'm heading tO Indianapolis for GenCon Indy 2010! The excitement has been building for the last few months and now gamer/nerd nirvana is close at hand. I'll try to bring as many updates as possible from the dealer floor as well as game updates. Follow me on twitter if you like:

Tonight I'll be running a game of Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader RPG. Here is the crew of the Reed of Darkness. They are due for a tough night tonight. I can only hope they survive.


Here is the link to the more of the crew:

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  1. This is a great looking mini. I can't place it though. What fig is it?

  2. Looks great, dude! The whole crew looks really good, I'm sure you've concocted lots of horrible ways for them to die! Have fun at the con and take lots of pictures of all the cool stuff.

  3. Kevin- its a mod'ed Warmachine model. When I get home I can tell you which one.

    JJ- done and done!

  4. Got it, thanks. I figured I'd seen it before.
    Warcaster Allistar Caine

    I don't own any of these PP figures. Glad to see they compare well in size to the GW figs. I'll start looking a bit closer at them for alternate figures. Thanks!

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