I'm Back!


I just got into town after traveling across the country with my two toddlers! So, needless to say, I am whooped. But happy to be home. You'll probably notice that I made a few format changes to the blog, so please let me know if something is broken or just doesn't look right.

Also, while I was gone it looks like the folks at 25mm Warrior gave me a plug! Thanks a ton guys! Oh, and again thanks to Papa J.J. for letting me know.

In other gaming news, I heard that 40K Radio is closing their doors. While I am sad to see them leaving the air, I am happy to say that their Freebootaz Forums are going strong. I didn't always agree with what they had to say, and I thought they could do some things better- I never missed a show. So long guys, and thanks for all the fish (and horrible Tau puns).

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  1. Welcome back Doc! Yes our beloved 40k Radio is fading into the distance but there are many things happening now, several others have elected to step up and try to make their way in 40k Radios footsteps.

    And of course the Freebootaz will endure! We're a rough n tough breed!

  2. I am hoping that Freeboota radio or at least pirate radio will get a new boost and some new faces will hit the podcasting waves.
    No matter what Hexeter, you are right, we are a rough and tough breed!

  3. Welcome back, dude. I hope you are able to recover from your "restful" vacation. It's too bad about 40k Radio shutting down but I doubt the vacuum created by their departure will last long. The number of other people they encouraged to do their own podcasts will be a fitting legacy I think. When I heard the news I assumed Freebootaz would be going away with everything else. That's neat that the forum is still going strong even without the tie-in to the show. Should I reconsider joining?

  4. While I will miss 40K radio, you are right. There are other podcasts, several that I am finding are filling the void nicely. Dice Like Thunder is turning out to be a good podcast (one episode in). It does have some smart commentary, though it seems like they have some beef with 40K Radio. I've also found a couple of RPG podcasts that are a nice alternative to little painted men. :)

    I'd old off on the FB forums for now- the traffic is pretty light (actually has been for a few months for a number of reasons). Once things settle down with the fallout from the radio show, that forum might continue to be a great place for 'adult' conversation about 40K. However, I must say you blog JJ is getting good traffic. Just let them come to you!

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