40K June Releases


I think we all were a bit surprised today when we got the email from GW about the 40K releases. Ok, just kidding. Every blog site out there has been like sharks circling the blood in the water guessing as to the release date of the new Eldar and Imperial Guard tanks as part of the Spearhead release.

In case you haven't (somehow) seen it, look here.

I like the Manticore, and plan to get at least one when it comes out. The potential to kit bash one together was very low, especially compared to how this one looks. The missile rack is a bit big compared the chimera it is attached to, but I can easily over look that since the missiles are so friggin' cool looking. The LR kit is pretty blah, plus I already have enough of them. So interest is low in that kit. One thing is still missing- the Hydra. I figure it will be out soon enough. Just in time for every hack player (like me!) to have a full army of Hydra's, Manticores, and Vendettas. Actually, it sounds like a good business model to me.

Lastly, the Eldar Night Fire Prism/Night Spinner kit has sold me to the ranks of the Space Elves. A couple of weeks ago, I received some Eldar in a trade. Lately I was thinking about trading them out for something else. However, this addition to the Eldar line up has me thinking differently. I mean, when else can you use a clear plastic weapon to blow crap up!?!

Kudos' to GW in the latest release. Now I have to save up my pennies!

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  1. I didn't find the Missile Rack to be overly large actually. Not when compared to some of the World War II Missile Launcher Tanks like the Calliope T34. They seem ridiculously out of proportion to the Tanks they are mounted to. But that aside it was nice to see the new vehicles come out finally even if they had all be rumor milled to death months in advance.

    I'm not too sure about the Fire Prism though...for some reason the Crystal on the cannon mount just I guess it could be swapped out with a different (read: clearer/colored) crystal but since I don't play Eldar it's neither here nor there.

    Now if we could just do some arm twisting and maybe get a few of the Xenos Codices released..THEN I'd be all smiles and chuckles.

  2. I think the Manticore looks pretty cool and I'm sure those missiles will see lots of use on Ork Stompas, too. I'm most excited about getting a deathstrike for use in narrative-based games. It's good to see these gaps in the books being filled with new models and I'm sure Eldar players are very happy to have a new unit... hey, is White Dwarf actually going to be useful again?

  3. I think one of the 40K Radio hosts were complaining that orks were in every release- but I think they missed the point. Every release is a potential ork bit. I think by day two there will be a new ork model sporting some IG bling!

    Hexeter, you bring up a good point about the Russian missile transports having huge racks on a small-ish chassis (head out of the gutters boys!). I like the model, but the size is a bit 'odd'.

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