Electron Boy: Coolest Hero EVER


Ok, this isn't 40K related. It isn't even miniature wargaming related. Its just cool.

So, deep inside, I have a soft spot- I also have kids and fear that everyday I'll get a call that something wrong is happ
ened to them. So this story brought a tear to my eye- imagining what that young man got to experience. Super cool.

Ok, enough of that, here are some of the cool parts of the storey. The young man has terminal liver cancer and the fine folks at Make a Wish gave him (and every kid) his wish- become a super hero for a day. Enter Electron Boy and his side kick, Lightening Lad! They do justice against the evil villain, Dr. Dark. Electron Boy travels in a Delorian (freaking awesome) all over Seattle- QWest field, the power company, and the Needle before finally arresting Dr. Dark. Read the story, its possibly the coolest thing I've ever read.

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  1. That's a really awesome, uplifting story. It's very inspiring that so many people would volunteer their time to participate in making that kid's wish come true. Thanks for sharing this, Doc!

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