March Update

No WiP pictures today, perhaps a few tonight. However I wanted to let you know what I was doing and what came in the mail last week.... two FW dreadnought (Lucius) pattern dreadnoughts! Combine that with another Iron Clad Dreadnought- I'll be painting three things this month (if you count the dedicated transports). Why do this??? Well getting ready for Adepticon and the team tournament. :) The Lucius Drop Pods allow the dreadnought to charge the turn it drops! Each team member will be dropping 4 Ironclads in DP's on turn one (if the setup goes well).

Also, I have been watching Sparticus on Starz. Lots of great Latin/UM names in that show. I think that I'll name this Ironclad "CRIXIS" after the badass rival gladiator in the in the gladiator school.

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