Adepticon Day One Recap


Day was is over at the greatest miniature wargaming con on the planet. Think I'm overselling it? More than 1,100 wargamers are present this weekend!! My first day was awesome, I got to meet up with a dear old friend and ran into several more old friends that I wasn't expecting to see. I even got a game in against Reuben and his Khorne Marines. Now I don't want to brag or anything, but he is a 'Ard Boy Winner and he did get deposited back at his hotel crying (just a bit!).

Sicarius takes on the Khorne Custom Landraider

Saturday brings the Team Tournament. 100 Teams. 400 Players. Looking at what we are likely to see. It looks like we brought Nerf guns to the fight. Right now we are hoping just to embarrass ourselves!

More updates to come.

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