Adepticon.. less than 48 hours away

For most people, Adepticon begins tomorrow. However, for me, I'll be showing up Friday (it sucks to have to work!). However, I plan to jump right in as soon my battlewagon pulls into the hotel with a couple of classes, some pick up games and getting a good nights sleep prior to the Team Tournament.

My previous posts shed some light into my list and our teams strategy for this tournament. Because of a busy work and family schedule, I've only gotten two games in. And as I expected, it kicked butt one game, and failed the other. My fear with an aggressive list such as this is that it will either be totally awesome, or fall on its face. Both will be spectacular spectacles!

Both ways, I hope to have my Flip camera giving some turn by turn battle reports from the Team Tournament.

Most importantly, my army has been done for some time now. I've finished with the sealant on the Lucius Pattern Dreadnoughts and even got time to paint another Lucius Pattern for my Crimson Fist partner. I'll have pictures of those up soon.

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