Some Vehicles

Just to answer a couple of questions and address a few comments:

The paint scheme is based off of third and fourth edition codecies along with the Index Astartes book, with a few modifications along the way. I do plan to add Sicarius, in fact is he nearly done... before my ADD kicked in. Future plans include adding all of the characters, the non-UM will be 'counts as' with some moderate amount of conversions.

The unit cohesion was on purpose- my early tournaments (early 90's) included a lot of painting points on cohesions and being able to ID the 'leader' of a unit. That has just stuck in my painting head all this time.

Yeah- I get a lot of heck about having Ultramarines, more now that the new codex is out. Of course of most of the ribbing is from people with non-painted armies!

But its all good- people usually hate the best. :)

Question I want to add 'warning' stripes (yellow and black) to the landing gear of my dropods. Any ideas where I can pick that up? I know the decal sheet for vehicles has a big one, but I am not too keen on slicing that up. Can I get one the "right" width? I am not going to paint that on.

Dakka Predator

I have one. Like everyone else. But to be honest I don't see a huge advantage to it. Perhaps I use the wrong- but infantry has been avoiding them like the plague (as they should), and so far have been unable to make 'great' use of them.

'Dakka' Prdator

Lascannon Predator

Mega-points, but still fun. If I ever get a larger game going, this will probably make an appearance. But until then the techmarines will continue to clean the hull, check the radar system....

Predaator - Anti-tank

Predators in action

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