Command Squad WIP

My last entry in this blog showed my tactical marines squads I - IV. Squad V & VI are assembled from the AoBR box set and awaiting to be primed. For now, I am working on my command squad and rhino/razorback.

Still no word on my first game with these guys. The past weekend, my wife and kids were sick- leaving me home to care for whichever one was well for that day. Oh well, at least I got a few hours to play Dawn of War 2!

Ultramarine Captain.

I have had this captain for several years (and two editions). Back in the day, we was the cheap captain with plasma pistol and power weapon. Now, I don't know how much play he will get. However, he is finished and perhaps will get a retirement plan from the Company one day.


Ultramarine Chaplian with a Jump Pack

My jump pack armed chaplain. Nothing special. Of course he is nearly permanently attached to my assault squad with remarkable results. I have another chaplain on foot that is ready for primer. However, it might be awhile before gets any paint on him.

WIP Command Squad

WIP Command Squad II

Here is my command squad. It was originally a 10-man squad under the old codex and has been trimmed down. I also ditched my old standard bearer for this metal one that I never knew I had! Finally the last member is a new build- I am going for a kneeling on the ground with a power weapon bowed low kinda look. We will see. I still need to get the green stuff out and perhaps even pin a couple of places. It will probably be a little bit before I get him done.

Right now the command squad transport is getting attention- its a rhino now, but I have some RB bits on order. Since the command squad was going to be 10-men all of the time, a RB was never in the works. But a new codex, brings new challenges!

I don't have the link right now, but I added extra armor and Inquisitorial Rhino bits to it (double eagle). I'll get some pictures up soon.

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