Let's Bring in the Big Dudes

Its been awhile, but I have managed to get a few more models painted.

First off- My Landraider Crusader is nearly complete. I need to finish some of the decal work and the storm bolter. This model had been sitting on my shelf for around 5 years (maybe longer, can't remember). So its a major accomplishment that it is now painted with the honorable colors of the Ultramarines!

Close up of the LRC 'Extremis'

Now what to put in this machine? Well, terminators would be the most obvious choice. I have started some terminators from the AoBR box set. I am still deciding on getting LC or SH/TH bits from GW and make some close combat terminators.

Still plenty more to do with this army, but I got some new shinnies - Imperial Guard Vehicles!

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