Inquisitorial Henchmen

Still more Inquisitors from Adepticon 2012 Special Operations Kill Zone event to show you all. 
To be honest, the whole Inquisitorial thing started with the acolyte with an eviscerator! I mean a dude carrying a super long chainsaw that he uses to "persuade" people to his side of the Emperor's will is a super cool thing. His draw backs are huge, even in 5th edition. Being toughness 3 and initiative 1 is no way to actually survive carrying that gigantic weapon, but still it was cool. 
On the other hand, the Acolyte with the storm shield and power weapon was thrown in because (a) I had the model sitting on the shelf, and (b) toughness 3 with a 3++ adds to your survivability a lot. 

It didn't take long for me to pick the Kill Zone special rule to give these guys each a +1 toughness. It helped keep them alive a bit longer. Still, my evisterator hasn't caused a single wound!

On the painting front I tried using some new techniques when I popped these guys off of their old bases and onto these new resin Secret Weapon Miniature bases. There are some weathering powders in the rust and green ooze. Then I tried to get a little hyper realistic to make them 'pop' some. I think the effect worked well and was quick to pull off. Seeing a whole squad like this on the awesome terrain they had set up was a blast!

Lastly, an action shot from the event.  It ended sadly for the Inquistorial team!

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