Nurgle Blight Drones

Well it has finally begun, preparation for Adepticon 2013. Actually the prep started this past summer when I got these beautiful Nurgle models at GenCon. It's just now that I put the finishing touches on them. First off, the Blight Drones are awesome straight out of the Forge World packaging. Its only a few pieces to assemble, and anything you mess up fits in well with the chaotic nature and irregular joints of this true piece of Nurgle technology. The models were a blast to paint as well. The corroded armor on the front nicely contrasts the diseased flesh on the back. The front armor got typical airbrush techniques along with weathering powders for the corrosion. The rear mainly got a shaded basecoat and then many, many layers of washes and inks for the final color.

This past fall, Forge World surprised many of us with Imperial Armour Aeronautica. While I didn't expect to get a great boost with the Blight Drone, I was surprised to see its final points. At 125 points per model, you quickly get into land raider territory without actually getting a huge tank. The armor is thin, 12 front, and two less in the rear and only a couple of hull points. The fact that it can fly and hover is a life saver or else it would go the way of the lowly land speeder!  Its weapons are useful. but it is the Phelm Cannon that I have used the most- Large Blast AP3. Fear me loyalist marines!

So this year at Adepticon, expect to see these bad boys in the 40K Friendly event. In fact, get ready for lots of posts concerning the chosen of Nurgle!

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  1. Since the Blight Drone is a flyer now, you may want to make a base with an extended stand so it's the height of other flyers.

  2. Ian- Thanks for the comment!
    This actually came up in a game this past weekend. But here is the problem- the model was made for an older style skimmer flight stand. You know the little plastic thingies that were crap. There simply isn't a place to put the new GW "x" style flight bases or even the SWM acrylic rod.
    Secondly, I don't trust either method to support the model. The turbine engine connections are so frail that one topple over would be disaster.
    So for now, these are going to have to be lower to the ground "fliers". :)

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