Dark Age and Dark Heresy RPG

Its seems like there wouldn't be too much carry over between the emerging table top game Dark Age and the FFG Dark Heresy RPG. And you are right! Except many of the Dark Age models are just awesome for using in Horus Heresy or even Necromunda for that matter.
GenCon 2011 Found me looking for some good 40K RPG miniatures and Hoj from Dark Age looked simply awesome. Unfortunately, the project never went anywhere. This fall, while waiting to see what the Codex: Chaos Space Marines was going to do, I finally put paint on the model. Originally was going to get those Dark Age weapons off and replace them with chainswords and boltpistols, but I knew any converting would only serve to make the project go slower, not faster. So here he rests, just a lonely Dark Age model in my "GW collection".

The base is a Secret Weapon Miniature base that I got awhile back from them. I wanted the model to match the industrial wasteland idea the base provided. So lots of SWM weathering powers are on this guy. Oddly enough- the scruff is a black "metallic" powder very gently applied!  I had been having huge problems getting the ole' 5 o'clock shadow on human models. The typical methods left me lacking- water down regular paints, washes, stippling, etc. I tried them all and found them all lacking. However, I lucked into making this work and I think it looks great.
Of course, I pinned this model a couple of years ago... and well, never moved the pin until after I finished painting him! Oh well, but he ain't going nowhere!

++EDIT++ When I first posted this, I used "Horus Heresy" instead of "Dark Heresy."  Heh, what a blunder. But I guess that shows you all where my mind has been the last couple of weeks. If all goes well, I should start being able to show you pictures of the Horus Heresy army I am planning to build. But that is for another time.

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