On the Painting Table- Even More Orc Boys

I am now thirty of forty Orc Boys down. Wahooo!  In fact, as I write this the other four models are dangerously close to being done with the rest of the models. At the moment, I am waiting for some Secret Weapon Miniature supplies to arrive to finish off the unit.

Oddly enough, its taken about this long to start to hit my stride with the unit. Finally, I feel like I have the colors down and further models are taking less and less time. Its an important thing to remember when doing large model count armies like this. It can take awhile to get started and get going, but then the army can be finished pretty quickly.

Here is the last of the second rank, all the individual models.

And in non-ranked up position. Some of the details are yet to come. My next update will show what I finally decided to do with some of the special bits on the models.

Here it is in their full glory (minus a banner that fell off).  Its getting close... so close.

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  1. Far out! That looks awesome, can't wait to see the unit all finished. Thanks, DrGabe!

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