Miniature Monday- Orcs in 4x4

One of the biggest aids in painting large regiments in Warhammer Fantasy Battles (like this huge Orc Boy mob) is to put some of your models on the long regiment bases (like last weeks post), or square monster bases. It helps break up with 'stand in a straight line' phenomenon you can otherwise get. These boys are going to be in the middle of the large unit, shields to be placed up in the air to protect them for the inevitable hail of fire.

For those keeping track of the army, the weapons need the rust effect finalized and the shields with emblems will be placed. Twenty-four down, only sixteen left to go!

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  1. Very cool, DrGabe! I really like the organization of this group of Orcs a lot. Having four of them mounted on each big base really allows for some exciting poses and a more interesting unit overall. Great idea about having them lift up their shields to block falling arrows, grots, and such. :) I know these models are a pain in the butt to rank up properly so I imagine the upraised shields also helped them fit together better, too. Great work as always, DrG... keep 'em coming!

  2. Hehe, I love it- squigg shields. Wait, I have an idea... wait until I get this going! Yeah, these models are much better than the older Orc boys. I desperately needed to squish some of the boys together to the unit to have a chance to rank them up.

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