Sanguinary Guard are Done

As the Blood Angels army that I am doing for a friend nears an end, I wanted to share with everyone the completed Sanguinary Guard. WiP models have been posted earlier, but finally all 18 models are done- complete with custom made resin bases for the army. The owner also converted Sanguinary Priest using the Apothocary bits from the command squad box.

As scary as these models are, this the only tank busting ability in the army, two melta guns, one plasma gun. So hide in your metal boxes people if you play against them... because once they get their chops on you it will be all over with those power weapons.

I painted the bases with a blue hued stone to help tie in the blue from the power weapons with a sharp black border.

All of the models are pinned to the resin bases in hopes they will stay attached. These bases are a bit 'rocky' by design and the pose of the models are definitely dynamic.

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