Blood Angels: Honor Guard

Finally, I am nearly done painting little gold armored guys!  At least there are no white wings to work around. The Honor Guard came together pretty quickly as my gold armor it getting faster with all of the work it is getting. :) 
You can also see my custom made resin bases that I made for the army. I'll show off more of then later on, but we like how they came out. Making resin bases is pretty easy (even I can do it) and it ties the army together very nicely. Since the models are in dynamic poses everyone is pinned on the bases.  The camera angle makes one dude look like he is falling over, but he doesn't have that look on the table. 
There are 5 different bases and once you spin them around a bit each one looks a bit unique. 

The banner is the last piece to finish for this squad and needs to really stand out... I hope that I am up for the task!

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  1. Heh, noticed I hadn't painted the eyes. Good catch before I sent these guys out.

  2. The bases look good, I'm excited to see a more detailed look at them. Now hurry up and learn how to sculpt with greenstuff so that I can put you to work making all sorts of kustom bitz for me. ; ) But seriously, do it.

    Great work, DrGabe!

  3. I am slowly getting to the point that I am willing to try greenstuff. People can say all they want, but it scares the crap out of me! But when that day comes and when I figure it out... be alert!

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