WiP: Sanguinary Guard

Its been a blast to paint these Sanguinary Guard and the new Blood Angles for a commission project. These are amazing plastic sculpts. My client (i.e. gaming buddy) wanted them painted according to the codex, and he doesn't like NMM. So pretty basic colors on the SG's. Oh yeah, there are 20 of them total, and they are going to be a pain in the butt to deal with on the battle field!

My painting table is bombarded by flying Angels of Death. 
A couple of things on painting these models- the camera doesn't reflect the shade and highlights of the gold real well, but it is hard to get good highlights with gold. Adding silver to your gold mix tends to desaturate the color a lot which I personally don't like on models that have tons of gold (like these models). I'll add more washes before I'm done to give the models more depth and create some false highlights to it. Also the wings were a bit of a pain. My client assembled the models and attached the wings prior to delivering them to me. It would have been so much easier to prime them white and go from there. But the gold needs a black primer... and thus the white needs lots of layers of white.

Small tip:  use a dowel for painting, you won't rub the paint off of your minis. 

All that is left is the second half of the S. Guards, and then go back and paint the power weapons. I am working on some custom bases for the army, more on that later.

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  1. Blast you people and your enviable ability to paint white that looks perfect! Very nice models Doc. I actually prefer the gold the way it is now in these pictures instead of the high gloss "I can shave with my armor" gold.

  2. Nicely done! I had no idea you would get this first group painted so quickly. Jeez man, what are you doing wasting your time with that whole doctoring thing? Just start doing commission work full time... you know painting toy space soldiers would be more fulfilling than HEALING people. The body heals itself, but have you ever seen a miniature paint itself? Just some food for thought.

    Seriously, though, great work on the Sanguinary Guard. The wings really do look quite smooth, and while NMM is cool, the more traditional metallics still look fine in comparison. I'm really excited to see what you do with the power weapons and bases... keep at it, man!

    Good stuff, Doctor G!

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the gold- you two are too kind. Looking at the armor again, it doesn't look to bad. However another couple of shades will probably do it well. I figure this armor should be a bit ding'd up not all nice and new shiny.
    The good news is that my 'client' saw the models and likes them.
    Oh, and JJ- I have to 'heal' people in order to finance my real love... painting models! :) Actually its less 'healing' and more 'getting people by' so that they come back... and back... and back. Gotta keep the door turning! :)

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